Dr. Strangefoods

(Or How I learned to stop worrying and love the potluck) One of the first indicators that I would have a rocky relationship with the Mennonite Church was surely my early abhorrence of the venerable institution known as the Church potluck. While most of the well-adjusted Mennonite adults of my acquaintance have fond memories of … More Dr. Strangefoods

Never let Motherhood get in the way of a Good Martyrdom

Like any good Mennonite following an Anabaptist tradition, whenever I have doubts as to my decisions as a mother, I just ask myself: What would Anneke Jans Do (WWAJD)? As I have mentioned elsewhere, when Mennonites look for role models, we typically skip past several centuries and settle in on sixteenth-century Europe as the proper … More Never let Motherhood get in the way of a Good Martyrdom

A Taste for Martyrdom

This is the first post I wrote that explores our Anabaptist past. It was first published in November, 2014. Mennonites trace their roots to the Anabaptists of the Sixteenth Century. Bit players in the Protestant Reformation, Anabaptists rejected both the Roman Catholic church and the major reformed churches led by Luther, Zwingli, Calvin and the … More A Taste for Martyrdom