2017 Mennonite Roundup

What with everything else happening in 2017, it is easy to forget all the momentous events that happened within the Mennosphere this past year. As a public service, I spent the better part of this afternoon perusing old tweets and headlines from the Mennonite media to come up with the highlights of the year. I … More 2017 Mennonite Roundup

Noncombatant Roles in the War on Christmas

Mennonites naturally had a problem when people started talking about a War on Christmas. We love Christmas. We love the singing, the Christmas trees, the oddly inappropriate nativity figurines, the pfeffernusse. Sure, some of us are grumpy about aspects of the season. But still. We’re pretty big fans of Christmas. So, it’s a cause to … More Noncombatant Roles in the War on Christmas