Writing the Drunken Menno blog has changed me as a writer.

When I started the blog, I had a novel that was close to finished. I am now shopping the manuscript around for an agent and/or publisher. I’ve tinkered with it a bit over the last few years. It’s now called Sheltered. It’s still a gender-reversed Mennonite re-telling of the Odyssey set in Ontario, Canada.

And then – well – so many people have told me I should do a cocktail book that I have worked up a proposal for that as well. I was initially skeptical that anyone would publish a Mennonite cocktail book. Not that this is how I pitch it in my proposal (any agents or publishers reading this, please disregard that last sentence). But, as I looked more into it, there actually is a market for novelty cocktail books and a seemingly unlimited interest in all things Mennonite. The book won’t duplicate the blog. It’ll have shorter text and better cocktails.

But if you thought that a Mennonite Cocktail book might only appeal to a niche audience, you haven’t heard of my third Mennonite-themed project. This one is so niche that I haven’t even begun to explore publishers and fear I may have to self-publish. Inspired by a tweet from a Mennonite mom admitting difficulty explaining the difference between different types of Mennonites to her curious pre-schooler, I have come up with a children’s book outlining a number of our most significant schisms. All in rhyming couplets.

That’s it for my Mennonite writings. For now, anyway.

There are times when I think beyond my relatively narrow little socio-cultural-religious group. My next novel — I am currently working on a first draft — is a campus novel set in the near future. It’s about community, social class, and the impulse to make change in the world. And academic politics, of course.

One thought on “Books

  1. Wow Sherri, I am looking forward to all of your future publications, especially the cocktails.
    About Mennonite Heritage week, have there been any formal preparations for this week?
    I have not heard of any. but maybe i do not read the right papers. Did the Mennonite members of Parliament consider that this would entail a great deal of time and effort?

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