Dr. Strangefoods

(Or How I learned to stop worrying and love the potluck) One of the first indicators that I would have a rocky relationship with the Mennonite Church was surely my early abhorrence of the venerable institution known as the Church potluck. While most of the well-adjusted Mennonite adults of my acquaintance have fond memories of … More Dr. Strangefoods

About that Mennonite Cocktail Book

Remember when you said I should write a Mennonite cocktail book? No? Huh. I’m pretty sure you said that. In fact, you were pretty insistent. When people in the future ask what Mennonites did during the first great pandemic of the twenty-first century, the answer for most of us will be things like baking, virtual … More About that Mennonite Cocktail Book

Ten Thousand Lamentations

The year 2020 did not begin well. We’d all barely finished our portzelky when we were forced to contend with rumours of war and visitations from pestilence. Throughout January, disaster was all around us. But none of that prepared us for the news that would rock the Mennonite world – the closure of Ten Thousand … More Ten Thousand Lamentations

How to Prepare for Mennonite Heritage Week

In just a few short weeks, Canadians will celebrate their first ever annual Mennonite Heritage Week. And I don’t think any of us are ready. We were all a little stunned and a lot embarrassed earlier this year to see Members of Parliament from across all party lines get up in the House of Commons … More How to Prepare for Mennonite Heritage Week

A list of people who have the right to speak about Mennonites, ranked by degree of entitlement to speak.

Have you heard things about Mennonites from a possibly unreliable source? Maybe you’ve heard bits of information about us from different seemingly credible sources, people you thought ought to know what they were talking about. But those sources contradicted each other. You’re not looking for graduate-level disputations on the origins of Anabaptism or religion in … More A list of people who have the right to speak about Mennonites, ranked by degree of entitlement to speak.

How to Toast like a Mennonite

There comes a time in every Mennonite drinker’s life when they will be called upon to offer a toast. Well – not every Mennonite drinker’s — I’m not counting all the closet drinkers out there. Those who drink alone are free from this requirement and should just scroll ahead to the cocktail recipe. But for … More How to Toast like a Mennonite

Menno March Madness

I don’t know a lot of Mennonites who enthusiastically follow college basketball. That could be because of my bias towards Canadian Mennonites. But I suspect that a lot of Mennonites just disapprove of the frivolity of grown-ups sitting around and obsessing about a bunch of college kids running up and down a basketball court. Not … More Menno March Madness

Quiz: Are You a Disaffected Mennonite?

Last week, the esteemed Mennonite satire web magazine, The Daily Bonnet,* posted a quiz: How Many of These Typical Mennonite Things Have You Done? Because Mennonites still think of internet quizzes as new and exciting, this quickly soared through the Mennoverse and sent Mennonites and ex-Mennonites around the internet into a tizzy questioning, bragging about, … More Quiz: Are You a Disaffected Mennonite?