Mennonites Talking about Mennonites Talking about Miriam Toews

It’s been 15 days (or so) since the Walrus Magazine published a comic introducing readers across Canada to various Mennonite reactions to Miriam Toews’ work. Did they imagine we wouldn’t see it and start talking? Written and illustrated by Jonathan Dyck and Christine Kampen Robinson, who both identify as Manitoba Mennonites, this work features 37 … More Mennonites Talking about Mennonites Talking about Miriam Toews

Miriam Toews and #Mennotoo (1)

In a note before the main text of Miriam Toews’ new novel,Women Talking, the author writes that the book is “a reaction through fiction of these true-life events, and an act of female imagination.” The events in question were a series of horrific rapes that occurred in a Bolivian Mennonite colony in the first decade … More Miriam Toews and #Mennotoo (1)

A Crisis of Quilting Proportions

Some of my friends and family members are Mennonite Quilt Collectors. Or perhaps I should say that they are Mennonite Mennonite Quilt Collectors because they are Mennonites who collect Mennonite quilts. Which makes it sound like they just collect their own quilts. They don’t. My friends and family who collect Mennonite quilts are mostly Mennonites … More A Crisis of Quilting Proportions

Me and all the Menno-Tweeps

A couple weeks ago, while I was wandering about in the Mennonite Twittersphere, I came across a tweet that  I didn’t understand. This is unusual – Mennonite twitter is fairly predictable. And insular. We Mennotweeps form a pretty small community. A while ago, one of my twitter followers met a fellow congregant (in real life) … More Me and all the Menno-Tweeps

The Drunken Mennonite Answers your Questions

Today marks a particularly important occasion in the life of the Drunken Mennonite. Maybe you’ve been keeping track and know already. No? Well, here it is. You are reading my one hundredth blog post. Pull out the streamers and pop open a bottle of bubbly. Or just, you know, have a cocktail. In honour of … More The Drunken Mennonite Answers your Questions

Top 6 Hymns that could be Drinking Songs

I wrote this back in 2015 in response to the launch of a new hymnal project. Since then, we’ve established a hymn-loving committee to consider all that needs to be considered in the update of a hymnal. I can only hope that they take my input into the process seriously. The powers that be within … More Top 6 Hymns that could be Drinking Songs

My Big Fat Mennonite Wedding

I first published this post on the old site in June 2015. June is upon us and that means that we are full into wedding season. Not that I get invited to a lot of weddings. Though drunkenness often occurs at weddings — even Mennonite weddings — most people don’t actually seek out drunks when … More My Big Fat Mennonite Wedding

Approved Mennonite Careers

If you have been reading my blog for awhile or have found another way to become educated in the basics of 21st-century Mennonite life, you should understand by now that Mennonites are not now (and never have been) contained to farms, farmers’ markets or quilting bees. I know this can be an uncomfortable thought. Look … More Approved Mennonite Careers