Getting Schooled

I wrote and published this post back in 2015, on my old site. Only getting around to bringing it here now. I thought of doing a series of posts on education. I did two. I might write more some day. Or I might not. You’ll just have to wait and see. I am now old … More Getting Schooled

The Glittering World of Mennonite Higher Education

This post was first published on my old site in September 2015. Which feels like a long time ago. In reposting this, I have added a couple of passing references to Bethel College which readers felt was slighted in the first account. It’s still slighted. Maybe some day I’ll write about my childhood memories of … More The Glittering World of Mennonite Higher Education

That’s sweet, but really you shouldn’t have.

No, really. You shouldn’t have. At first glance, I thought that the new CBC Fifth Estate piece on the “Mennonite Connection” was just a piece shamelessly capitalizing on CBC’s Pure, a low budget filler piece reflective of reduced CBC budgets, or a kinda sad example of a show needing to remind itself and others of … More That’s sweet, but really you shouldn’t have.

Pure No More

CBC’s Pure has mercifully come to an end, at least assuming that it won’t go past season 1. It arrived with a splash but seemed to dwindle after the first episode – perhaps after all the Mennonites stopped watching. The Mennonite world responded much as expected. Opinion was divided over whether to hate the show … More Pure No More