Goodnight, Menno

My extended family has a new baby – not in the Mennonite side of the family but still, it has me thinking of baby books and nursery rhymes. And how sad it is that Mennonites don’t really have our own. Sure, Mennomedia has a small collection of Bible stories, modern parables and Mennonite history books … More Goodnight, Menno

Griping over the Grape

My congregation has recently switched from wine to grape juice for communion. That’s right — something like 200 years after the temperance movement started urging Churches around North America to spurn the fermented grape, and 85 years after prohibition ended, the Church I attend finally decided to hop on that particular outmoded band wagon. To … More Griping over the Grape

Death of a Mennonite

Every spring a few people pop over to my Mennonite weddings post no doubt hoping to find advice on what to wear and what to expect at some Mennonite wedding they’ll be attending. It’s too bad, really, that weddings are their first impression of us. We’re actually much better at funerals. This isn’t because we … More Death of a Mennonite