Something Amish

I have come to the conclusion that in every minute of every day, there is someone, somewhere trying (and failing) to explain the difference between Mennonites and the Amish. These are people with a little bit of knowledge but not a lot. People who might have Mennonite (or Amish) ancestry. Maybe they lived once in … More Something Amish

Ten Thousand Lamentations

The year 2020 did not begin well. We’d all barely finished our portzelky when we were forced to contend with rumours of war and visitations from pestilence. Throughout January, disaster was all around us. But none of that prepared us for the news that would rock the Mennonite world – the closure of Ten Thousand … More Ten Thousand Lamentations

Mennonites Talking about Mennonites Talking about Miriam Toews

It’s been 15 days (or so) since the Walrus Magazine published a comic introducing readers across Canada to various Mennonite reactions to Miriam Toews’ work. Did they imagine we wouldn’t see it and start talking? Written and illustrated by Jonathan Dyck and Christine Kampen Robinson, who both identify as Manitoba Mennonites, this work features 37 … More Mennonites Talking about Mennonites Talking about Miriam Toews

Our American Cousins

I am old enough to remember a time when we Mennonites of North America did not divide ourselves by the bounds created by the nation-state. In those days of yore, Canadian Mennonites met with American Mennonites as if no border stood between us. It was kinda fun. We could imagine we were all transnational and … More Our American Cousins

A list of people who have the right to speak about Mennonites, ranked by degree of entitlement to speak.

Have you heard things about Mennonites from a possibly unreliable source? Maybe you’ve heard bits of information about us from different seemingly credible sources, people you thought ought to know what they were talking about. But those sources contradicted each other. You’re not looking for graduate-level disputations on the origins of Anabaptism or religion in … More A list of people who have the right to speak about Mennonites, ranked by degree of entitlement to speak.

God Loves a Cheerful Quitter

Somewhere around two weeks ago, Canadian and Mennonite politics collided when Mennonite politician Jane Philpott resigned from her cabinet position. And Mennonites around the country stood up and cheered. Even The Canadian Mennonite, not known for its coverage of late-breaking national news, paused from its regular programming of pre-Lenten spiritual exhortations to hop on Twitter … More God Loves a Cheerful Quitter

Goodnight, Menno

My extended family has a new baby – not in the Mennonite side of the family but still, it has me thinking of baby books and nursery rhymes. And how sad it is that Mennonites don’t really have our own. Sure, Mennomedia has a small collection of Bible stories, modern parables and Mennonite history books … More Goodnight, Menno