Noncombatant Roles in the War on Christmas

Mennonites naturally had a problem when people started talking about a War on Christmas. We love Christmas. We love the singing, the Christmas trees, the oddly inappropriate nativity figurines, the pfeffernusse. Sure, some of us are grumpy about aspects of the season. But still. We’re pretty big fans of Christmas. So, it’s a cause to … More Noncombatant Roles in the War on Christmas

Dogs or Cats – which are more Mennonite?

When I was eight years old, my older brother was baptized and joined our Mennonite Church. Moved by the ceremony, I went home and baptized the family dog. Mine was a shorter ceremony and I can’t say much about our pooch’s appreciation of the doctrine. But he was happy enough to participate in the rite. … More Dogs or Cats – which are more Mennonite?

Bread of Contention

I was recently perusing the internet and discovered an appalling number of errors in Mennonite bread making. I know there were errors in the past – the historical record is replete with disputes over baking. Not, it is true, in the “mainstream” historical literature, but they’re there if you know how to look. They were … More Bread of Contention


Yes, for the blog post that points to this page, I used the spelling in Norma Jost Voth’s Mennonite Foods and Folkways but I have always preferred the h at the end of the world and so am going with the less canonical spelling here. My recipe that comes to me from my Oma who … More Zwiebach

Me and all the Menno-Tweeps

A couple weeks ago, while I was wandering about in the Mennonite Twittersphere, I came across a tweet thatĀ  I didn’t understand. This is unusual – Mennonite twitter is fairly predictable. And insular. We Mennotweeps form a pretty small community. A while ago, one of my twitter followers met a fellow congregant (in real life) … More Me and all the Menno-Tweeps

How I spent July 1st Not Celebrating Canada Day

Note to regular readers: This is not a Drunken Mennonite blog post. I have finally struck out and written something that is not about Mennonites. Also, no cocktail recipe at the end of this post. Please feel free to go back and re-read your favorite Mennonite posts if that’s more to your taste. There’ll be … More How I spent July 1st Not Celebrating Canada Day

The HandMenno’s Tale

I have noticed a sad lack of Mennonite representation in dystopian literature and cinema. Apart from a couple of cameos in the zombie apocalypse genre, we actually seem to be entirely absent from the world’s terrifying visions of the future. Perhaps the dystopian thinkers imagine that we’ll all just die off in a plague or … More The HandMenno’s Tale

The Curious Case of Kitchener-Waterloo

As I have mentioned before, I live on the outskirts of one of the largest Mennonite enclaves in Canada. I grew up there. I visit regularly as a lot of my family still lives there. And when I head to a Mennonite relief sale for the closest we get to a festival, it is the … More The Curious Case of Kitchener-Waterloo