Looking Mennonite

I posted this last spring on the old site. It quickly became my most shared blog post, and not just because I send the link to every teenaged girl on Twitter who complains about an outfit making her “look Mennonite.” About 5 years ago, I was sitting in a restaurant nearby and overheard a man … More Looking Mennonite

World History from a Mennonite Perspective

This post was published first in February, 2015. Every people has its own way of viewing the past. British punsters recently came up with a world history timeline replete with both puns and anglocentrism; anyone who worked their way through the Canadian school system understands that as of the 20th century, world history became uniquely … More World History from a Mennonite Perspective

In Praise of Older Schisms

Don’t you sometimes miss the good old schisms of yore? No, probably not. Most Mennonites are deeply embarrassed by our history of coming apart at the seams. We generally don’t like to talk about it and, when we do, we treat it as a regrettable vestige of past foolishness. But, phooey on that. I say … More In Praise of Older Schisms


Every now and then I am at a luncheon or a cocktail party with some non-Mennonite friends and/or family members and the conversation naturally turns to the habit of individual Mennonite congregations to secede from the broader Mennonite denomination. Yes, this sort of thing comes up in my social circles. The first question I am … More Mennonite™

Playing the Rook Card

I grew up playing cards.  I played normal cards — the kind with Kings and Queens, Jacks and Aces. But I also played the kind of card games designed specifically for those religious groups who cast a suspicious eye at those one-eyed Jacks and Queens of Spades. I am bilingual that way. I can speak … More Playing the Rook Card