That’s sweet, but really you shouldn’t have.

No, really. You shouldn’t have. At first glance, I thought that the new CBC Fifth Estate piece on the “Mennonite Connection” was just a piece shamelessly capitalizing on CBC’s Pure, a low budget filler piece reflective of reduced CBC budgets, or a kinda sad example of a show needing to remind itself and others of … More That’s sweet, but really you shouldn’t have.

A Mennonite Hat Trick

Personally, I’m more of a hat kinda gal than a bonnet one. Not that I have any problems with the Mennonite women out there who choose to wear¬†bonnets and find them spiritually meaningful. I’m not calling for a bonnet ban. I think, you know, that women should wear whatever they want on their heads. It’s … More A Mennonite Hat Trick

Friendly Mennotoba

This post was originally published on the old site in August 2016. I haven’t changed a thing. Well that photo of Winnipeg is new. I have an acquaintance whose Mennonite mother told her that her family had lived in Manitoba “forever.” Oh, honey, it only feels like forever. Though I grew up in Ontario, I … More Friendly Mennotoba

Never let Motherhood get in the way of a Good Martyrdom

Like any good Mennonite following an Anabaptist tradition, whenever I have doubts as to my decisions as a mother, I just ask myself: What would Anneke Jans Do (WWAJD)? As I have mentioned elsewhere, when Mennonites look for role models, we typically skip past several centuries and settle in on sixteenth-century Europe as the proper … More Never let Motherhood get in the way of a Good Martyrdom

A Taste for Martyrdom

This is the first post I wrote that explores our Anabaptist past. It was first published in November, 2014. Mennonites trace their roots to the Anabaptists of the Sixteenth Century. Bit players in the Protestant Reformation, Anabaptists rejected both the Roman Catholic church and the major reformed churches led by Luther, Zwingli, Calvin and the … More A Taste for Martyrdom

An open letter to Mennonites of Swiss descent

Dear Swiss Mennonites, On behalf of my fellow Russian Mennonites – and especially on behalf of Josiah Neufeld – I would like to apologize for sometimes forgetting about your existence.* Most of us, of course, don’t actually erase you from Canada’s history in a major Canadian newspaper. But still, we all sometimes get so carried … More An open letter to Mennonites of Swiss descent