Noncombatant Roles in the War on Christmas

Mennonites naturally had a problem when people started talking about a War on Christmas. We love Christmas. We love the singing, the Christmas trees, the oddly inappropriate nativity figurines, the pfeffernusse. Sure, some of us are grumpy about aspects of the season. But still. We’re pretty big fans of Christmas. So, it’s a cause to … More Noncombatant Roles in the War on Christmas

Quiz of the MennoYear

People often ask me, “How do Mennonites celebrate New Year’s Eve”? Not really.  I don’t think anyone’s ever asked me that. But they should – because I have an answer waiting.  Can you guess? That’s right. The answer is: It depends. Apparently, my ancestors in Russia celebrated New Year’s Eve along with their Ukrainian neighbours … More Quiz of the MennoYear

Of Trees and Tinsel in Mennotopia*

Ah, the Christmas Tree. If you’ve been prowling around the internet wondering about Mennonite Christmas traditions (and, really, who hasn’t?), you may be under the impression that Mennonites don’t DO Christmas Trees. They are either too frivolous or too worldly. But here we come, again, up against that single unifying truth among Mennonites — that … More Of Trees and Tinsel in Mennotopia*