Breaking the Rules

Growing up in a Mennonite community, when it came time for my adolescent rebellion, I had it pretty easy. My wild rebelliousness consisted of such rule-breaking as playing cards in study hall and hosting a square dance (once). Yup. I was one badass Menno rebel. I expect that wherever two or three are gathered, there … More Breaking the Rules

Mennonite Cocktail Party Etiquette Guide

If you’re one of my five non-Mennonite readers, you might be nervous about coming to the Drunken Menno Virtual Cocktail Party because you don’t know Mennonite cocktail party etiquette. You might be wondering: “what should I wear?” “Should I bring something?” “Do I need to speak plaut dietsch?” Happily, some of the standard cocktail party … More Mennonite Cocktail Party Etiquette Guide