Ten Thousand Lamentations

The year 2020 did not begin well. We’d all barely finished our portzelky when we were forced to contend with rumours of war and visitations from pestilence. Throughout January, disaster was all around us. But none of that prepared us for the news that would rock the Mennonite world – the closure of Ten Thousand … More Ten Thousand Lamentations

Of Trees and Tinsel in Mennotopia*

Ah, the Christmas Tree. If you’ve been prowling around the internet wondering about Mennonite Christmas traditions (and, really, who hasn’t?), you may be under the impression that Mennonites don’t DO Christmas Trees. They are either too frivolous or too worldly. But here we come, again, up against that single unifying truth among Mennonites — that … More Of Trees and Tinsel in Mennotopia*