An Entirely Appropriate Mennonite Party Game

By now, you have probably been to four or five Christmas gatherings. Maybe you’ve eaten your share of pfeffernuss and are readying yourself for portzelchy. Maybe you’ve already alienated the other Rook players in your family and have strained the goodwill of the Dutch Blitzers. You have almost certainly exhausted all of your polite small … More An Entirely Appropriate Mennonite Party Game

A Good Old-Fashioned Mennonite Farmer Sausage Party

According to a very good but unverifiable source, when the Mennonite Brethren split from the Kirchliche Mennonite in the Russian Molotschna colony in 1860, they did so at least in part because of sausage. Which, if you have met more than two Mennonites of Russian Mennonite descent, makes sense. We still argue about sausage. Traditionally, … More A Good Old-Fashioned Mennonite Farmer Sausage Party

Mennonite Cocktail Party Etiquette Guide

If you’re one of my five non-Mennonite readers, you might be nervous about coming to the Drunken Menno Virtual Cocktail Party because you don’t know Mennonite cocktail party etiquette. You might be wondering: “what should I wear?” “Should I bring something?” “Do I need to speak plaut dietsch?” Happily, some of the standard cocktail party … More Mennonite Cocktail Party Etiquette Guide

Looking Mennonite

I posted this last spring on the old site. It quickly became my most shared blog post, and not just because I send the link to every teenaged girl on Twitter who complains about an outfit making her “look Mennonite.” About 5 years ago, I was sitting in a restaurant nearby and overheard a man … More Looking Mennonite

World History from a Mennonite Perspective

This post was published first in February, 2015. Every people has its own way of viewing the past. British punsters recently came up with a world history timeline replete with both puns and anglocentrism; anyone who worked their way through the Canadian school system understands that as of the 20th century, world history became uniquely … More World History from a Mennonite Perspective