Bread of Contention

I was recently perusing the internet and discovered an appalling number of errors in Mennonite bread making. I know there were errors in the past – the historical record is replete with disputes over baking. Not, it is true, in the “mainstream” historical literature, but they’re there if you know how to look. They were … More Bread of Contention

Dr. Strangefoods

(Or How I learned to stop worrying and love the potluck) One of the first indicators that I would have a rocky relationship with the Mennonite Church was surely my early abhorrence of the venerable institution known as the Church potluck. While most of the well-adjusted Mennonite adults of my acquaintance have fond memories of … More Dr. Strangefoods

A Good Old-Fashioned Mennonite Farmer Sausage Party

According to a very good but unverifiable source, when the Mennonite Brethren split from the Kirchliche Mennonite in the Russian Molotschna colony in 1860, they did so at least in part because of sausage. Which, if you have met more than two Mennonites of Russian Mennonite descent, makes sense. We still argue about sausage. Traditionally, … More A Good Old-Fashioned Mennonite Farmer Sausage Party