The Granddaddy of all Mennonite Literary Cocktails

This was the first of my blog posts that discussed a work of Mennonite literature. As with the Complicated Kindness post, I focus here on the intersections of Mennodom and alcohol, though there really aren’t a lot of intersections in this work. Still, I felt that the book had been reviewed enough in the general … More The Granddaddy of all Mennonite Literary Cocktails

Mennonites and Muggles

Not everyone knows this, but Mennonites are a lot like Wizards. Just without the magic. It’s been almost two decades since the first Harry Potter book was published and over the course of these years, various Mennonites have heaped both scorn and praise on the franchise. We’ve looked at the values taught through the books … More Mennonites and Muggles