Menno March Madness

I don’t know a lot of Mennonites who enthusiastically follow college basketball. That could be because of my bias towards Canadian Mennonites. But I suspect that a lot of Mennonites just disapprove of the frivolity of grown-ups sitting around and obsessing about a bunch of college kids running up and down a basketball court. Not … More Menno March Madness

Bechtel panel: Making Schputt of Mennonites on the Internet

Yesterday I participated in the Bechtel Panel at Conrad Grebel University College on Mennonites in the Media. The organizers asked us to talk about what it is like to be a creator of Mennonite content on the media today, to comment on our audience and challenges etc. Several of the other participants followed their instructions … More Bechtel panel: Making Schputt of Mennonites on the Internet

Quiz: Are You a Disaffected Mennonite?

Last week, the esteemed Mennonite satire web magazine, The Daily Bonnet,* posted a quiz: How Many of These Typical Mennonite Things Have You Done? Because Mennonites still think of internet quizzes as new and exciting, this quickly soared through the Mennoverse and sent Mennonites and ex-Mennonites around the internet into a tizzy questioning, bragging about, … More Quiz: Are You a Disaffected Mennonite?

Bread of Contention

I was recently perusing the internet and discovered an appalling number of errors in Mennonite bread making. I know there were errors in the past – the historical record is replete with disputes over baking. Not, it is true, in the “mainstream” historical literature, but they’re there if you know how to look. They were … More Bread of Contention

An Entirely Appropriate Mennonite Party Game

By now, you have probably been to four or five Christmas gatherings. Maybe you’ve eaten your share of pfeffernuss and are readying yourself for portzelchy. Maybe you’ve already alienated the other Rook players in your family and have strained the goodwill of the Dutch Blitzers. You have almost certainly exhausted all of your polite small … More An Entirely Appropriate Mennonite Party Game