A Mennonite Hat Trick

Personally, I’m more of a hat kinda gal than a bonnet one. Not that I have any problems with the Mennonite women out there who choose to wear bonnets and find them spiritually meaningful. I’m not calling for a bonnet ban. I think, you know, that women should wear whatever they want on their heads. It’s … More A Mennonite Hat Trick

Never let Motherhood get in the way of a Good Martyrdom

Like any good Mennonite following an Anabaptist tradition, whenever I have doubts as to my decisions as a mother, I just ask myself: What would Anneke Jans Do (WWAJD)? As I have mentioned elsewhere, when Mennonites look for role models, we typically skip past several centuries and settle in on sixteenth-century Europe as the proper … More Never let Motherhood get in the way of a Good Martyrdom

Looking Mennonite

I posted this last spring on the old site. It quickly became my most shared blog post, and not just because I send the link to every teenaged girl on Twitter who complains about an outfit making her “look Mennonite.” About 5 years ago, I was sitting in a restaurant nearby and overheard a man … More Looking Mennonite

Which Disney Princess is the Most Mennonite

This post was originally published on the old site in February 2015. I’ve left it pretty much the same. This is what happens when two impossible ideals of femininity collide. I’m not talking about body image here. It is true that Mennonite women, like other human women, don’t look like Disney princesses. But that’s not … More Which Disney Princess is the Most Mennonite