Google doesn’t seem to understand Mennonite guilt. Matt Falk tells a joke that Mennonites are just like Catholics but with less dancing and more guilt. I don’t know if he wrote it or just repeated it. It feels like an old joke but it probably isn’t. That’s because we don’t traditionally go about comparing ourselves … More Mennoguilt

The Road to Hell

The road to hell is paved by hard-working Mennonites. I grew up without a lot of proverbs in my family. I think this was because I was part of generation sandwiched between languages – my parents grew up with Low German proverbs that didn’t translate well to English, but spoke to me in English and … More The Road to Hell

Getting Schooled

I wrote and published this post back in 2015, on my old site. Only getting around to bringing it here now. I thought of doing a series of posts on education. I did two. I might write more some day. Or I might not. You’ll just have to wait and see. I am now old … More Getting Schooled

The Glittering World of Mennonite Higher Education

This post was first published on my old site in September 2015. Which feels like a long time ago. In reposting this, I have added a couple of passing references to Bethel College which readers felt was slighted in the first account. It’s still slighted. Maybe some day I’ll write about my childhood memories of … More The Glittering World of Mennonite Higher Education